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PVC Lead Wire

There are a few things you might want to know about hook up wire before going out and purchasing it. There are a few different insulation types and voltage ratings that might help you make a better decision about your application.

Hook up wire that is UL rated 1007 is a standard PVC wire rated for 300 volts. Then there's a UL1015 PVC wire with a thicker jacket rated for 600 volts. Usually the UL1007 version only comes in 16 awg through 26 awg and the UL1015 comes in 16 awg through 10 awg. The main reason for that is the size of the wire itself. Usually when you order the smaller gauge size you need less voltage, so it ends up being more of a standard.

The next thing to look at in the hook up wire family is the insulation type. There's PVC wire, PTFE wire, electrical wire and even high temperature wire. The PVC wire is explained above and it's the cheapest and most basic type. Then the electrical wire has a PVC jacket with a nylon coating to allow it to slip through conduit easier and also resist water, oil and solvents. PTFE wire and high temperature wire fall into the same category because PTFE wire is rated at 200 degrees Celsius where PVC wire is all rated from 90°C-105°C. Both names for high temperature wire come up a lot because it's made with a PTFE jacket and it's a much higher temperature rating.

It would probably be best to talk to your sales person at WesBell Electronics to better assist you with the hook up wire that you need. We understand the different insulations very well because we deal with them everyday and have seen many different types of applications.

Please call with any questions you might have.