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Hook Up Wire

Hook up wire is basically a very broad description of one conductor wires. However, the term is mostly used towards the electronic PVC wire with tinned copper strands. It's made with tinned copper to help with the solder process because it adheres to the tinned copper much better than the bare copper strands. It suffers a very small amount on the conductivity because of the added tin but it's a very small amount and shouldn't affect the application.

Hook up wire is mostly used as an appliance wire or lead wire. It's made with smaller awg strands to be more flexible than electrical wire. THHN wire is supposed to be less flexible so that it can be pushed through conduit easier. It's also made with a nylon coating which acts as a lubrication and also helps the process. Electrical wire is made with bare copper because you shouldn't need to solder it at any time, and it you do then you should think about a different type of hook up wire that will better suit your application.

PVC wire without the nylon coating should not be used outdoors because it wont resist water or moisture of any kind. It can ruin the wire quickly and force you to replace it with a suitable type of hook up wire. Some people call and try to use it as dog fence wire but, like I said, it cant be used outdoors. THHN wire can be used as dog fence wire if you're keeping it above ground or putting it in conduit. Most likely that's not the case though and you'll need to call a pet shop to get the actual dog fence wire with a special insulation for direct burial.

WesBell sells all types of hook up wire and if you cant find what you're looking for online then please call and speak to one of our sales representatives. Not only will they help you price out the best wire, but they'll also help you find the cheapest wire or cable for your application. The more technical the situation, the more expensive the wire is in most cases. So our sales team can help you out with our knowledge and expertise to find you exactly what you need without trying to over sell you what you might need.

We also allow you to buy small amounts of wire and cable because we understand you need to avoid waste. Most of our electrical wire can be purchased by the foot and we also sell small 100' spools of our hook up wire. WesBell has great customer sevice and we offer free shipping on orders over $250.00 so that you don't have to call trucking companies and search for good rates.

Please call with any questions you might have.