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Electrical Wire and Cable

THHN Electrical WireElectrical wire is also known as electrical cable but they both basically mean the same thing. Sometimes people are looking for an electrical cable that has a few THHN wires inside of an electrical jacket so they can run more than one wire at a time. These cables usually always come with a ground wire that doesn't have any insulation over it. The only protection is the jacket over the cable which may or may not be enough depending on the application.

THHN wire is the main type of wire used in the electrical end of the wire and cable field. If you need a single conductor wire to hook up power from an electrical box than you will need THHN. THHN is also in Romex® wire and UFB cables. Those are the most common types of electrical cable that are used indoors and outdoors.

Romex® is a cable that's used indoors by most all electrical contractors. It's the cable in your walls hooking up the lights and appliances to your electrical box for power. It is an indoor only cable because the PVC jacket isn't strong enough to withstand weather. UFB cable is the type you will need when running the wire outdoors. It has a tough outer jacket used to protect against rain and all types of weather. It can go directly underground which gives it the nickname of the underground cable. The "UFB" stands for Underground Feeder and the "B" means that the cable has a ground wire included. Sometimes people need just UF because the cable will be slightly cheaper without the ground wire.

You can discuss the size of the cable you need with your electrical contractor to make sure you are running the right awg cable. Romex® 6/3 and Romex® 14/2 are the most popular types of electrical wire because they are probably the most common. We get many inquiries and orders everyday for those cables in very large bulk. Some THHN wire comes in large quantities too so we have to be more competitive on those orders.

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