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DLO Cable Acronym

DLO stands for Diesel Locomotive because DLO cables are used to power locomotives. Immediately you imagine a large cable for such an application and you're absolutely correct. DLO cable has two layers of insulation to protection it in severe conditions and so that it can hold a UL approved 2000 volt rating.

There are many similar cables on the market but, ultimately, they don't compare at all. Welding cable, entertainment cable, stage lighting cable and UL approved welding cable are all still inferior to DLO cable. For instance, all of the cables listed are rated for 600 volts and none of them compare to the diesel insulation layers that can protect the copper from dump trucks running over it on rocky construction sites.

DLO cable is UL, CSA, MSHA and RoHS approved for use in severe environmental conditions. You can find locomotive cables in gauge sizes 10 through 777 MCM which all use 24 gauge copper strands for flexibility. The rubber insulation layers are also designed with flexibility in mind so that DLO cables can be convenient and portable.

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If DLO cable sounds a little too diesel for your application you should view our welding cable which is better suited for garages and shops with low voltage equipment. Welding cable is similar but with a single layer of rubber insulation and a 600 volt rating.

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