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Alpha FIT 700 Heat Shrink Tubing

Alpha FIT 700 Heat Shrink Tubing

3 to 1 Bonding Mastic Lined Polyolefin Tubing


  • Temperature range -55°C to +90°C
  • 3 to 1 Shrink Ratio
  • 4 foot lengths or spools
  • Colors: Black Only


  • Tensile strength: 2250 psi
  • Ultimate elongation: 350%
  • Longitudinal shrinkage: -5%
  • Specific gravity: 1.09

Chemical Properties:

  • Corrosive effect: Passes copper stability test
  • Fungus resistant: No growth


  • Bonding adhesion to most materials
  • Environmental and water tight seal
  • Prevents wicking and fills interstices
  • Tubing sizes match 14 awg through 2000 mcm sizes
  • Superior strength and high voltage
  • Water resistant connections
  • Underground utility applications
  • Direct burial and outdoor insulation and protection
  • XTRA Guard 3 applications

Part Number Minimum I.D. Minimum Recovered I.D. Recovered Wall Thickness
Alpha FIT 700-21 .750" .220" .095"
Alpha FIT 700-22 1.10" .375" .105"
Alpha FIT 700-23 1.50" .500" .140"
Alpha FIT 700-24 2.00" .750" .155"
Alpha FIT 700-25 3.00" 1.25" .155"
Alpha FIT 700-26 4.50" 1.75" 1.75"




Alpha FIT 700 Semi Rigid Irradiated Tubing

Alpha FIT 295 Heat Shrink Tubing

This page focuses on the Alpha FIT 700 heat shrink tubing. It's a 3 to 1 shrinkable tubing manufactured with bonding mastic lined irradiated polyolefin with a temperature range of -55°C to 90°C. It's most commonly used for bonding adhesionto most materials, an environmental water tight seal, superior strength and high voltage applications.

In the manufacturing process FIT 700 heat shrink tubing is used in direct burial applications where water resistant connections are needed. Electronic cable used underground will sometimes need a small splice covered with the same protection as the cable itself which the FIT 700 series by Alpha Wire is used for. The Xtra Guard 3 material that Alpha manufactures is a direct burial electronic cable and they recommend the FIT 700 shrinkable tubing to be used over any other type.

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