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Alpha Wire is an electronic wire and cable manufacturer offering a large amount of products ranging from heat shrink tubing to specially designed electronic cables. WesBell Electronics is a bulk wire and cable distributor who deals directly with Alpha Wire, who provides us with special bulk pricing which we pass on to our customers. Alpha Wire specializes in high performance electrical and electronic cables in their own brand name; XTRA Guard®.


Xtra Guard® wire and cable comes in about 6 different options with numerous awg sizes and conductor counts in each version. High performance electronic cables are in high demand and Alpha Wire delivers with an unmatched flexible and non flexible XTRA Guard® brand name cable.



XTRA Guard Cable®

Information on Alpha's brand name product, XTRA Guard Electronic Cables®. See all types, functions and applications for each version of the XTRA Guard® material. Alpha Wire stands by their product meeting and exceeding standard specifications.

Alpha Wire XTRA Guard Cable


Alpha Eco Wire & Eco Wire Plus

Alpha Wire manufactures a new Eco Wire® and Eco Wire Plus® that is recyclable RoHS and REACH complient. It's thinner, lighter, 10 times more abrasion resistant and more durable than conventional PVC hook up wire.

Alpha Eco Wire


Alpha Heat Shrink Tubing

Alpha Wire manufactures heat shrink tubing and PVC tubing as an accessory to its electrical wire and cable products. Alpha strives for perfection at any cost with UL and CSA approvals as they are an ISO 9001 company.

Alpha Heat Shrink 



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