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WesBell Electronics, Inc has been a distributor for electrical wire and cable for over 25 years. We became ISO 9001 Certified in order to perfect our customer service and quality of product even more. These days anyone can sell wire and cable at a fair price so we like to stand out as a supplier with On Time Delivery and 100% customer satisfaction. Our ISO certification proves that and also helps us improve our business each day to further service our customers.

Electrical Wire Hook Up Wire Electrical Wire and Cable Portable Cord

Copper Pricing

As of 02/23/2018 the Copper Price is: $2.68/lb

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Electrical Wire

Romex® NM-B Cable, UF-B Cable and THHN wire are the main types of electrical wire which is also known as "building wire". Both Romex® and UF-B cable are made with THHN wires and come with a bare copper ground wire.

Wire and Cable used in homes and buildings

Electrical Wire

Hook Up Wire / Lead Wire

PVC Wire and PTFE high temperature wire are the most common types of Hook Up Wire in the wire and cable industry. They're used in appliances and also to manufacture wire assemblies for different types of electronics.

Hook Up Wire

Power Cable & Portable Cord

The most common type of single conductor power cable is welding cable but if you need a multi-conductor power cord then take a look at our SOOW Cable. We also have the 300 volt version available as SJOOW Cable.

Flexible rubber cables used for power tools, generators and other portable applications.

Portable Cord

Value Added Services

There are many things that make up a perfect electrical wire and cable vendor including price, service, quality of product and delivery time. In order to fulfill these needs as a vendor we must buy large quantities from reputable manufacturers, add it inventory and cut/package a good looking product. WesBell Electronics has the ability to meet the needs of its customers.

- Cut to Length
- No minimums
- Striping Wire
- Twisting Wire
- Free Shipping Over $250
- Special Spool Sizes
- Custom Cable Manufacturing
- Cutting Lead Wires

Please call to get a quote for wire harnesses and assemblies.

Cutting and Stripping Wires

Electronic Multi Conductor Cables

Multi conductor electronic cables are composed of multiple lead wires and an overall jacket for protection and cleanliness in the application. Electronic cables are manufactured in unshielded, shielded, multi conductor, multi pair and individually shielded multi pair depending on your needs. There are also high temperature electronic cables, high voltage cables and tough insulation for high impact applications.

Basic PVC / PVC Electronic Cables

Multiconductor Electronic CablePVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride and is the cheapest, most basic version of a multi conductor cable. There are multiple PVC lead wires and a gray PVC jacket. The shielded cable will have an aluminum polyester foil shield wrapping around all of the conductors to block EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). Without any alterations these multiconductor cables handle 300 to 600 volts and 90°C to 105°C.

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Fire Alarm Cable

Fire Alarm CableFire alarm cables are manufactured in Riser and Plenum. FPLR (Fire Power Limited Riser) comes in unshielded or shielded at a much lower cost compared to the Plenum version. FPLR cable has the word "riser" in it because it's used in fire alarms, signal monitors and audio control circuits where the cable is rising only. FPLP (Fire Power Limited Plenum) cables are used in installations overhead in plenum for fire protection reasons. Plenum cables withstand flame better than riser cables and need to be used in those applications.

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High Temperature Cable

High Temperature CableNeed a multiconductor cable rated for 200°C? These high temperature cables are manufactured at such high temperatures that they only come in shielded because the jacket would melt through the conductor insulation while being applied. They're referred to as STJ (Shielded Tape Jacket) electronic cables and they're used in electronic applications reaching as high as 200°C. The tinned copper braid shield over the PTFE insulated conductors will block EMI which is interference between two cables running next to each other in the same application.

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Alpha Electronic Cables

Alpha Electronic CableAlpha Wire is an exceptional, high class, quality first manufacturer with customer satisfaction as their number one initiative. They manufacture premium electronic cables with a name brand product called Alpha XTRA GUARD®. They engineer and manufacture each of the electronic cables above in their specialized version that they claim exceeds in product performance and life expectancy.

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Olflex® Flexible Cables

Olflex Flexible CableOlflex® Cable is the leading manufacturer of flexible robotic cables. They design and manufacture cables that can move, twist and bend while machines or robots are running without lowering the lifespan of the cable. It's not your average multiconductor cable used by home owners! Olflex® 110, 190, 890 continuous flex cables are available for sale online.

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Our online electrical wire pricing is updated daily to be sure it's up to date for our customers.


ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 9001 Certified

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Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing is manufactured in polyolefin material more often than not. There are tubing products designed with higher temperature ratings and without shrinking abilities, but polyolefin is standard. Standard sizes are 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1 in flexible and adhesive options. Adhesive lined tubing uses glue on the inner layer that melts as heat is applied to make a more secure connection once it dries. Our tubing products are listed online for sale with multiple colors to choose from.

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Heat Shrink Tubing


Burndy® Compression Lugs

Burndy® Compression Lugs are crimped to flexible cables and non-flexible cables such as welding cable and DLO cable. Large flexible grounding cables are connected to machines that are powerful, which means machine vibration can cause compression lugs to become loose over time. Therefore, two hole lugs use two bolts and long barrel lugs are crimped twice to make a more secure connection over a length of time.

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Burndy Compression Lugs